What's in a name? Slated book 3 title reveal!


Drum roll, please!



At long last, the time is right...


...for a secret to be revealed:


The title of book 3 of the Slated trilogy is...


But wait: there's more!

To help get the news out, some lovely and awesome book bloggers - one in the UK, one Aussie, and one US - have posts today! With interviews, giveaways and more - so check them out.


They are: 


Thanks so much for getting involved & all your support and enthusiasm. I appreciate it SO much, it makes me feel like this inside:

But now, I have a confession to make:


I held back one part of the puzzle in how Shattered became the title.




Slated fans jumped in with suggestions for the title to book 3 in the comments to my blog post, Five Good Things in 2013.


This was comment 14: 


Fractured!!!!!!!!!!!(Sunday, 17 March 2013 14:22)

Soooo exited for Fractured!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait, for the third book I think it should be called shattered because the wall build up in her mind has been shattered, just a thought. Counting down the days now for fractured though!!!!!!!!


And then Luna and Maddy, a few very special Slans - Slated fans - set up a fan website, and had a vote on the title for book 3. The results of the vote came in: top of the list was Shattered!




I was amazed Shattered was suggested, first in the comments to my blog and then picked up on the Slan site: it was one of the first titles I had for book 3, but I kept changing my mind until there was a very long list of possibilities and I was in a total muddle about it.


Having so much enthusiasm for Shattered really helped me decide. And especially that blog comment I quoted in red, above - it reminded me one of the reasons why Shattered was the perfect title. 


So thanks so much to Slated fans for their suggestions and enthusiasm: it means a lot to me. I'm editing Shattered now - I hope you'll like it when it comes out next year.


AND FINALLY - good news for US and Canadian fans: the publication dates are catching up!

Shattered will be out in the UK/Australia/US/Canada and lots of other places at the SAME TIME

(dates TBC but likely around April 2014).