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The Stepdaughter's Lie

Out on 29 July 2024, worldwide in English in ebook, audiobook and paperback!


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My life should be perfect. But my stepdaughter wants to destroy it all…


Standing in my bathroom, the luxurious marble tiles cool under my feet, I stare at the test in my trembling hand. The second line is unmistakable: I’m pregnant.


This is all my husband Theo and I have ever wanted, but I didn’t think it was possible. I should be excited, but all I can think about is telling my stepdaughter.


Because Ellie’s always hated me, ever since she realised it was no longer just her and Theo. Now she’s seventeen, beautiful and smart – smart enough to see through me. And if Ellie decided to uncover my secrets, it wouldn’t be just my marriage at stake… it would be my life.


My beautiful home has become a prison, my husband feels like a stranger. But all I know is that this precious life inside me is more than I deserve – and there’s nothing I won’t do to protect it…


An absolutely gripping and page-turning psychological thriller that will keep you reading late into the night! Perfect for fans of Daniel Hurst, Shari Lapena and T.M. Logan.

The Patient

My first psychological thriller for adults was published on 13 February 2023 by Bookouture. It is available world wide in English, here - in digital, paperback & audio. 


I stole her perfect life. But is it going to cost me mine?


Standing outside Flora’s childhood home, its acres of sprawling gardens behind me, I try to calm my racing heart – my new heart. I’ve pored over every news article, spent hours looking at photos of her sparkling smile. I can’t imagine anyone hurting someone so perfect. But the ache of the scar down my chest reminds me – her murder saved my life.


All I want to do is thank Flora’s family for giving me this small miracle of a chance to live again. I’ll pay my respects and then disappear from their lives forever.


Instead, I’m surprised when they welcome me in warmly, tears shining in their eyes. Soon, her mother is showering me with gifts, and bags of Flora’s beautiful designer clothes. It all feels too much, almost like I’m stealing Flora’s old life too. Then again, after everything I’ve been through, a part of me thinks I deserve this...

But as I get closer to her life, the more questions I have about her death. Then my stomach lurches when I hear that someone else close to her has been attacked. How is that possible, when Flora’s killer is meant to be behind bars?


I owe it to Flora to find out the truth, but can I work it out in time? Has this second chance really saved me – or will it cost me everything?


A totally gripping psychological thriller that will keep you turning the pages late into the night. If you loved The Silent Patient, The Housemaid and The Doctor’s Wife, you won’t want to miss this.