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photo by Debra Hurford Brown
photo by Debra Hurford Brown

 I'm Teri Terry, and this is my website.


I write books - they might scare you. Some of my characters go to dark places and they don't always come back. If they do, they may never be the same again.


My books are thrillers - some futuristic, some current - with a keen eye on characters and what makes them tick, a good splash of weird science and occasional flights of fantasy.



Below you can click on each book cover to learn more, or read my blog.


You can find out about my virtual events here. My books are available at all good bookshops and online sellers - a list of some of the them with links is to the right. Signed and personalised books are available here.


Thank you for stopping by!


Dark Blue Rising: book trailer!

The Blog:

The uk.bookshop.org revolution!!

Do you want to support bookshops and authors? This gives you an alternative way to buy books which will do just that.

Here is a screen grab of my page; you can find it here.

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Signed books: UK & Germany & a few other places! An Update


A rookie error: I miscalculated the posting costs, so have had to increase single book buys a little to £12 in the UK. You can still get them for £10 each if you buy two or more, since I can post them together.


And ... YES: you can now buy them from countries in Europe within the standard international small parcel zone. This includes: Germany, Mainland France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, and more!


Details can be found on the Signed Books page of my website.


If you're unsure if your country is included, if you leave me a comment there, I can check for you.


Thanks so much


Personalised & Signed books available now on my website

So many have asked if I could sell them a signed book that I've finally upgraded my website - the answer is now yes!


It's UK only at the moment, but if you'd love me to add another country let me know in the comments, below. If there is enough demand I may do so.


Books are £10 and this includes posting it to you in the UK.


And this is on my website, here.


Out now in the UK: Dark Blue Rising!


Dark Blue Rising: the trailer!


Other Narratives ARE important: writing during a pandemic


Writing about a pandemic


Contagion was published in 2017 in the UK; last July in the US. Given the coronavirus pandemic I've been asked about this series quite a lot lately.


So why did I write it?


I've been thinking about this for a while, and it is hard to talk about it. Anything I can say now feels either like it has been coloured by recent events, or, if it hasn't, will sound that way.


Then this talk I did at the Hay festival in 2017 about exactly this came out from behind a paywall - part of opening up resources for people stuck at home.


So, this why I wrote it, why I thought it was important - and a bunch more, besides.


It's an external link to the Hay festival, here


Stay safe!




New book alert! Dark Blue Rising

I'm very excited to be able to tell you at last: I've got a new speculative thriller trilogy coming out soon!


Dark Blue Rising - the first - is out in the UK on 8th July 2020.


So ... what is it about?


A stolen child, an ancient sisterhood, the end of the world as we know it. Secrets, sacrifice and finding strength inside when darkness is rising all around.


On pre-order here.




No more flying !

Hi everyone,


Just a short post today: I've taken the decision that I will no longer fly to events.


I've always used trains across the UK - eg when I do events in Scotland - even though it takes longer. I quite honestly hate flying - the whole experience of airports and planes: BLEUGH. But for European events in the past I've flown. Let's be honest: it's easier, and can mean less time away from home. But no more.


The more I read about climate change and the effects it is having around the world - and the effects yet to come - the more I don't want to go near the sky for travel.


So: no more flying to events. No flying for holidays, either - something that is very infrequent in any event (we like to go local so our pup Scooby, the world's cutest cockapoo - below - can come along).


No more flying, full stop? 


I think, if Greta can do it, so can I. BUT I do have family in Canada and there may come a time when I feel I have to go and get there fast. So I won't say I'll never fly again: I don't want to make promises to myself that I may not be able to keep.


I will say, I won't fly unless the trip is both essential and not possible through other available means.


I was nervous if this wouldn't be taken well by organisers of events, but so far, I needn't have worried. I've just been asked to go to Cologne in March 2020 for the lit.RUHR, and when I raised it - knowing it'll take longer to get there and back and so has scheduling implications, and will possibly cost more - it wasn't a problem. YAY!

(er... I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell anyone that I'm going there yet, so lets keep it between us, ok?).


I think I can do this. I feel good about it, too.


How about you? 



Slated Trilogy Cover Update!!!


To celebrate the release of the Slated prequel, Fated, the covers of the original trilogy have been updated! What do you think?