Teri Terry, author of YA & adult thrillers

welcome to the dark side...

photo of a woman with glasses and red hair

I'm Teri Terry, author of both young adult and adult fiction.


For adults I write psychological thrillers, the sort that keep you awake at night. Sorry about that. Writing them has the same effect on me, so it only seems fair.


My YA books are also thrillers - some futuristic, some current - with a keen eye on characters and what makes them tick, a good splash of weird science and occasional flights of fantasy and the supernatural.


My YA books are available at all good bookshops and online sellers.


As for my adult books ... The Patient is out on 13th February 2024 with Bookouture! You can buy it here in digital, paperback & audio - in English, around the world. Fingers crossed that translation into other languages will soon follow.


My blog can be found here.