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photo by Debra Hurford Brown
photo by Debra Hurford Brown


I'm Teri Terry, and this is my website.


I write books - they might scare you. Some of my characters go to dark places and they don't always come back. If they do, they may never be the same again.


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You can find out about my virtual events here, and signed and personalised books are available here.


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The Blog:

Personalised & Signed books available now on my website

So many have asked if I could sell them a signed book that I've finally upgraded my website - the answer is now yes!


It's UK only at the moment, but if you'd love me to add another country let me know in the comments, below. If there is enough demand I may do so.


Books are £10 and this includes posting it to you in the UK.


And this is on my website, here.


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Something new: I'm on Ko-fi - it's like a virtual tip jar. So if you find something I've done or said spoke to you or is of value to you in some way, and would like to buy me a cup of tea on Ko-fi to say thanks, that would be AMAZING!


And beginning in September, you can also subscribe to me on Ko-fi!

It costs about what a hot drink and possibly a small piece of cake might be - £5 a month. If you subscribe you'll have exclusive access to content that can't be found anywhere else.

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Out now in the UK: Dark Blue Rising!


Dark Blue Rising: the trailer!


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