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photo by Debra Hurford Brown
photo by Debra Hurford Brown

I'm Teri, and this is my website.


That's me to the right, and below is a photo of some of my books: the Slated trilogy (Slated, Fractured, Shattered), Mind Games, and Book of Lies. Not shown is Dangerous Games, the e-book sequel to Mind Games.


The Dark Matter trilogy is the new thing! Contagion, Deception and Evolution (out in the UK in August 2018).


New blog post 30th April 2018 is here.


Evolution Is Coming!

The third book of the Dark Matter trilogy.

Out August 2018. 


Thank you for visiting the dark side ...


The Blog:





Dark matter updates! Deception, Awards & Evolution, too

I haven't blogged in ages: 

Bad Author! Sorry! 

I've been distracted by the World's Cutest Puppy and some very tight deadlines. So here is a selfie of Scooby and me, taken on my birthday in March - the same day Scooby was six months old (but showing no signs of calming down whatsoever...).


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out now in Germany: Manipuliert!


This is book 2 of the Dark Matter Trilogy!


It came out in Germany this week.


It'll be out soon in the UK also - as Deception - on 8th Feb.







Contagion Winners! & the next giveaway ...

Congratulations to comments no. 27 and no. 6 on the giveaway blog - Pippa Coyle, and Jenni Foale. Claim your prize by messaging me on the contact form, below, telling me where you'd like it sent.


Sorry you couldn't all win ... but wait: there's more! This week it is a Facebook Page giveaway. To enter leave a comment on the Facebook post pinned to the top of my page, HERE


Good luck!


Giveaways will follow on Twitter and Instagram over the next weeks, so stayed tuned.


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BBC Radio Scotland!

Tomorrow - Tuesday 25th April - I'm going to be talking about Contagion on the Janice Forsyth show on BBC Radio Scotland! It should be something like 2:40 pm.


If you're not in Scotland you can also listen on line here.






#ContagionIsComing: Giveaway!

photo by G Terry
photo by G Terry

Contagion is out exactly one month today: 18-05-17!


To celebrate? A giveaway! There are two copies of Contagion to be won.


All you have to do is put a comment on this blog, below. Tell me why you'd like to win!

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News & popular posts

Who is the Slated trilogy cover girl? Meet Hayley here, and find out what it is like to be on a book cover.

Contagion was runner up in both the Hounslow and Ealing Teen Book Awards 2018, and shortlisted for the Crime Fest best YA crime novel

Books of Lies has been short listed for the Lancashire Book of the Year, the Redbridge Book Award, and the North East Teen Book of Award.


Mind Games won the Portsmouth Book Award! It also won the SCBWI Crystal Kite for the British Isles, and was runner-up in the Oxfordshire Book Award. It is short listed for the Sussex Coast Schools Amazing Book Award,  the Staffordshire Book Award, and the Wirral Paperback of the Year.

 Mind Games is nominated for the Carnegie medal!





Teri Terry's books on Goodreads
Slated Slated (Slated, #1)
reviews: 1284
ratings: 9311 (avg rating 4.05)

Fractured Fractured (Slated, #2)
reviews: 461
ratings: 3681 (avg rating 4.14)

Shattered Shattered (Slated, #3)
reviews: 271
ratings: 1793 (avg rating 4.24)

Mind Games Mind Games
reviews: 1
ratings: 8 (avg rating 4.62)