Where did you get such a silly name?

No, my parents weren't that cruel! I married into it. I am actually a Teresa though was always called Teri. I would never have changed my name on marriage otherwise, but the humour of being 'Teri Terry' was too much of a draw. I have regretted it now and then. Usually when trying to make an appointment on the phone.


Is Slated your first book?

Slated is my first book to be published. But it was the ninth one I wrote! Most of them are written for teens or children, and a few for adults. Learning to write and plot properly take time. 


Where were you born? where did you live? what did you do?

I was born in France, my dad was born in the Netherlands, my mother's parents were born in Finland, and my mother was born in Canada. We lived in Canada from when I was a baby, but moved around all the time as my dad was in the airforce. I did science (microbiology) and law in Canada, and was a lawyer for a few years before moving to Australia. I went back to University there and became an optometrist - also known as an optician in some places - testing people's eyes. I did this for quite a while before moving to the UK. In the UK I've worked in optics, schools, a charity and libraries. Now I'm writing full time.


How old are you?

I'd say I'm about 14 inside my head. The rest of me is a bit older, but I prefer to keep that to myself!


Are any of your books going to become films or TV?

I hope so! There are discussions being had here and there, so watch this space.


If there is a movie, can I be in it?

I will have no say in casting whatsoever. If there is any news about casting, I will post it about far and wide!


I'm doing a school project on your books. Can you tell me the themes, explain stuff, and tell me all about yourself?

No. Sorry, I can't do your homework for you! If you want information on me or my books, this website is a good place to start. But if you google for interviews and so on you might find more.