The Dark Matter Trilogy



An epidemic is sweeping the country.

You are among the infected. There is no cure, and you cannot be permitted to infect others. You are now under quarantine. 


The very few of the infected who survive are dangerous and will be taken into the custody of the army.


Young runaway Callie survived the disease, but not the so-called treatment. Her brother Kai is still looking for her. And his new friend Shay may hold the key to uncovering what truly happened. 


Runner up:

Ealing Teen Book Award 2018

Hounslow Teen Book Award 2018



Southern Schools Book Award 2018

CrimeFest's Best YA Crime Novel 2018



Amazing Book Award 2018

Redbridge Book Award 2018


Some lies can't be forgiven ...


As the epidemic spreads, survivors are being hunted like witches, for the authorities fear their strange new powers. 


Kai is desperate to trace Shay, who tricked him and disappeared. Meanwhile, Shay is searching for the truth behind the origins of the epidemic ... but danger finds them wherever they go. Can they outrun the fire?

Into the fire ...


Don't miss the final part of this breathtaking new trilogy from multi award-winning author Teri Terry. 


Shay has followed Xander and joined his mysterious scientific cult at their remote Scottish compound. She's desperately searching for Callie, who went missing before the start of the epidemic that kills 95% of cases, and leaves a tiny number of survivors with astonishing new powers.

Can Shay uncover the truth about the origins of the epidemic, find Callie and perhaps even rekindle her relationship with Kai? Or will Xander's grand plans destroy them all for ever?