Congratulations to those whose questions will appear in Q&A in Fractured!!

A few weeks ago I asked for questions I could use in a Q&A in the back ofFractured, the sequel to Slated. It was really challenging picking which to use: there were so many great ones! You can see all the suggested questions and the blog here

Thank you so much to everyone who got involved. I will answer some of those not included on my blog, so you may still get an answer.


As promised, everyone whose question is used in the back of book Q&A will get an early signed copy of Fractured – before the publication date of 4th April. I don’t know exactly when that will be as I don’t know when they will be available, so I’ll keep you posted here once I know. If your question is included in the list below, please send me a message on the contact form of this website to let me know where you want your copy of Fractured posted.


Okay, here is the list of names and questions chosen: you’ll have to wait until Fractured is out to see the answers. In a few cases I’ve edited the question just a little, and I’ve changed the order around also. I've included the comment number of the question as well from the original blog (found here).



Alex (comment #9): Who is your favourite character in the book?


Hayley (comment #119): If you were in the same position as Kyla, would you do everything you could do to find out who you were originally and why?


Ashley (comment #13): Can you imagine the practice of Slating people ever becoming a reality in our world?


Kristan (comment #136): If you were a teenager in this dystopian world would you have been at risk for being Slated?


Kate (comment #10): Whilst reading Slated, the idea of the Levo kept me constantly on edge. It is an extremely cruel device and its presence had a huge impact on Kyla throughout the story. I’d like to know where the idea for that came from.


Ellen (comment #89): What made you decide to set the book so close to the present?


Michelle (comment #4): Did you always know there would be more than one book, or did the story develop whilst writing?


Cordelia (comment #18): Did the plot or a character take any twists that you were not expecting and that surprised you, the author?


Kieran (comment #123): What happened to Phoebe after Kyla saw her?


Thea (comment #77): Did you have more than one ending which you couldn’t decide on?


Sophia (comment #100): Why did you decide to write Young Adult fiction? Do you think you will continue writing Young Adult Fiction, or is there another genre you would like to tackle?


Hannah (comment #48): Was it easier writing Fractured having laid the groundwork so to speak in Slated or was it harder knowing there was a greater expectation from fans?


Jacki (comment #68): What advice would you give to a 13-year-old who wants to be an author?


Callum (comment #109): Will there be any other books that are written by you? Any ideas?


Liveotherwise (comment #5): If you could go back in time and speak to your unpublished self, what piece of advice would you give?