Personalised & Signed Books: UK only

Personalised and signed books: UK editions - sent within the UK.

I'd love to sign a book to you and send it in the post! They make great gifts also.

Please specify in your order which book you want and who I should sign it to, and also if you want a special message (eg. Happy Birthday).

UK only; P&P is included.

Subject to T&C below.



  • Available

UK books in the UK: buy two and save.

UK only; P&P included.

Subject to T&C below.


  • Available

UK books in the UK: set of three

UK only; P&P included.

Subject to T&C below.


  • Available

Really sorry - but I'm not selling books outside of the UK anymore. To do so legally may or may not require registering in different countries, and it's just too difficult to work it out. Damn Brexit! And international restrictions in trade generally!



Please don't forget to include in the order notes which book(s) you want, and who you want it signed to. If not, I will send a signed and unpersonalised copy of my most recent book.

I will post books within a week of receiving an order - usually much sooner!

In the UK via Royal Mail second class.

Note that there is no VAT on books so no tax is added to the indicated prices when you check out.

Finally, I can't send Dangerous Games as it isn't available in print, just audio and ebook formats.



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  • #4

    Teri Terry (Wednesday, 09 February 2022 15:01)

    Hi Josie, that's fine - purple is good! - just put a note on the order.

  • #3

    Josey (Wednesday, 09 February 2022 13:54)

    Would it be too much when ordering to request a specific pen colour? I have slated and fractured both signed with a purple pen from a school event you came to, and I’d want shattered to match haha.

  • #2

    Teri Terry (Tuesday, 29 June 2021 18:06)

    Hi Jensmore,
    I wish I could! Unfortunately, there are legal and tax requirements which make it too difficult to justify. Sorry about that.

  • #1

    Jensmore (Monday, 28 June 2021 16:24)

    Can you ship to the USA?