No more flying !

Hi everyone,


Just a short post today: I've taken the decision that I will no longer fly to events.


I've always used trains across the UK - eg when I do events in Scotland - even though it takes longer. I quite honestly hate flying - the whole experience of airports and planes: BLEUGH. But for European events in the past I've flown. Let's be honest: it's easier, and can mean less time away from home. But no more.


The more I read about climate change and the effects it is having around the world - and the effects yet to come - the more I don't want to go near the sky for travel.


So: no more flying to events. No flying for holidays, either - something that is very infrequent in any event (we like to go local so our pup Scooby, the world's cutest cockapoo - below - can come along).


No more flying, full stop? 


I think, if Greta can do it, so can I. BUT I do have family in Canada and there may come a time when I feel I have to go and get there fast. So I won't say I'll never fly again: I don't want to make promises to myself that I may not be able to keep.


I will say, I won't fly unless the trip is both essential and not possible through other available means.


I was nervous if this wouldn't be taken well by organisers of events, but so far, I needn't have worried. I've just been asked to go to Cologne in March 2020 for the lit.RUHR, and when I raised it - knowing it'll take longer to get there and back and so has scheduling implications, and will possibly cost more - it wasn't a problem. YAY!

(er... I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell anyone that I'm going there yet, so lets keep it between us, ok?).


I think I can do this. I feel good about it, too.


How about you?