Fated is coming!!


Fated - the Slated prequel - is out very soon! On World Book Day, 7th March 2019.


It's been a long time coming. I'd been thinking about it for ages before I finally sat down to begin. What made me so obsessed about Slated that I had to go to this world again?


In Slated, Lorders brutally control an isolated UK. Underage criminals, like Kyla, the main character, have their memories wiped and are assigned a new family for a second chance at life.


I became increasingly obsessed with how the world in Slated came to be the way it was. The backstory in Slated was that the UK had left the EU and closed borders, that widespread chaos and rioting followed. Underage students were blamed. Slating - wiping their memory so they became a clean slate, a Slated - became the punishment of choice.


With the Brexit vote and then the UK leaving the EU looming ever closer, I wasn't sure if it made sense to even consider writing Fated,  but I couldn't stop myself.


So we have Fated.


I'll blog again next week - I promise! - and tell you more about it.