And the winner of the 2nd annual random summer competition is...

OH WOW: this was SO hard. There were many imaginative, fun, interesting &/or artistic entries.


Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order:



It was SO hard to compare such different entries. And yes - you've probably spotted it - some of these didn't quite do what they were supposed to. The idea was to 'get caught reading' so there needed to an open book and somebody (or a hedgehog) looking like they might be reading it.



There can only be on overall winner, but with so many amazing entries, I decided to break it down a little into two categories, with a runner up or two in each category - and a few more prizes, too.


The two categories are: 

1. caught reading at home

2. caught reading away


Caught reading winner at home, and overall winner too!


This is William, who is reading on a zip wire he's made in his garden!


What an imagination to come up with this - love the smile - love that Mind Games is open!


Congratulations: you've won a signed book & the Mind Game necklace.



Caught reading at home runners up: yes, there are two!


This is unaveragebooklover, reading under a brolly in England: how could I resist?


You've won a signed bookplate and a bookmark.


I love how Kati has made New York at home!


Congratulations - another signed bookplate and bookmark.

Caught reading away winner:


This is Libby: reading Mind Games with the Eiffel Tower behind her, and then again high up in the tower!!


Congratulations, Libby: I'll send you a signed book.



Caught reading away runners up (yes, there are two again):




This is what a lovely spot, just the sort of place I'd love to read a book.


Congratulations: I'll send you a signed book plate and a bookmark.



Finally, this is Chiara: another lovely spot, and another signed bookplate and bookmark for you!

This is how to claim your prize:

If you are one of the winners, please fill in the contact form below. Tell me who you are, and where you'd like your prize sent.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

It wasn't easy to decide: I wish I could have given everyone a prize, so sorry if you are disappointed.


And check back now and then. My trilogy - the Dark Matter trilogy - starts with Contagion next year - there is a sneak peek at the cover, below. There are sure to be more competitions and giveaways as that gets closer.