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    addirosie (Saturday, 02 April 2016 18:38)

    Okay I loved your series slated. It's sad because i'm almost finished with it. I think you should make a 4th book of her life after the lorders are defeated. I love this book it's so good I never wanted to quit reading. Your ideas are the best. Also you should get them to make a movie exactly like the book. I think I everyone who into action would love this book and the Movie if you got them to make one. I can not get over the fact that I finished the series it made me so upset. I was reading shattered and IO started crying in the middle of class because of it. I loved your books SO much.

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    Fisayomi Awosika (Saturday, 02 April 2016 21:54)

    Hi Teri Terry,
    I love your books so much. I'm thinking of being an author as well and I was going to show you my book that I had written but I forgot to bring it in when you came to my school(Aylesbury High School). I'd be really happy to get your latest book because it has a very interesting storyline and could give me more ideas for my books.