And the winner of the Mind Games Trailer competition is....: Culloden Academy!

This was a seriously difficult decision. I was very impressed with the creative and varied entries! Thank you so much to everyone who took part - it is such an amazing feeling to see what you've done on screen to portray Mind Games.

What I loved about Culloden Academy Puppeteers entry: I loved how without fancy effects or equipment they portrayed plugging in to the virtual world. I loved how when the students plugged in and left the real world behind the way their faces and bodies in the real world were so blank, and how they seemed kind of eerily over-happy in virtual. And I really loved the contrast between that and the creepy segment that followed - to me, this is what will make viewers want to read the book. And - no forgetting this is a book trailer - they showed the book and its cover at the end. Always a plus.

So congratulations to Culloden Academy Puppeteers! Please contact me here to talk about when I can come to your school for your prize.

And...there is a runner up! Katya from the Brit School

Katya, you're very talented. The production on this is so good, and the aspects of the story you've chosen to include well thought out.

As a runner up, I'll send you a signed book if you contact me here.

And that's not all...Amelia from Rice Ave Middle School in PA:

As the only international entry I will send you some signed books and a card if you contact me here.