Cats! Books! Cats reading books! What's not to like? And the Winners

My first random summer competition!

A week or so ago I was having kind of a bad start to the day, so I did what I do in these moments: internet kittens. I've kind of been stalking Luna and Neville (kittens of @mushenska): SO cute! 

And I suddenly thought - I should have a summer competition, where readers post photos of their cat with books, and the winner gets a signed copy of one of my books. And then when I have the sort of day that requires cats, I'll have a whole bunch of honorary pets!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I kept changing my mind, over and over again: they're all adorable! (even the dog).

But I had to make a choice. In the end, I gave up and picked TWO.

Drum roll, please:

There are TWO winners! In no particular order...:

The first winner is Emilia's cat Darcy, looking vaguely grumpy as only a cat can, with her nap interrupted on Slated:


And the other winner is Cathy's bunny Alice, with the whole set of my books!

OK, I know this isn't a cat. But I did put into the fine print that other pets could be used, and I couldn't resist.


And a few honourable mentions go to:

Here is the link to all the entries:

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    Kathryn Evans (Sunday, 16 August 2015 20:57)

    Pike is delighted to be famous!

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