Shattered UK tour report!

Shattered was out in the UK on 6th March: hurrah!

Last week I was on tour to schools to celebrate both the Shattered book birthday, and World Book Day: they were on the same day!


I had such a good week. The schools I visited are listed below.


3 March: Ridgeway School, Swindon

              Henbury School, Bristol

4 March: Stourport High School, Stourport

              Woodrush School, Wythall

5 March: Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

               Lancaster Girls Grammar School

6 March: Morpeth School, London

              Sir John Cass School, London

7 March: Thomas Deacon Academy, Peterborough

              St Mary's School, Cambridge


The week started a little, well....worrying. I had the WORST cold in the history of colds the week before. Seriously - it was worse than Man Flu.


I got off the train in the dark in Swindon the night before, and stepped, coughing, into torrential rain. I will confess I was feeling a little sorry for myself.


But once I arrived at the first event, things were good. It even stopped raining! Both the weather and my cold improved as the week went on.

First: this was at the Ridgeway School, in Swindon: awesome display!

Seriously....! can you believe the taxi that was booked to take me to Henbury School?

I loved this poster they made at Stourport School!

The above poster was part of an awesome display!

I kind of lost the plot as far as taking photos went from then on...sorry about that.


But here are a few memorable moments: 

  • answering questions. This is always my favourite part of events, and in every single school there were excellent, sometimes funny, interesting and original questions.
  • missing my train in Lancaster. This was the most awesome train missing - signing books at LGGS went over time! And the very nice train people let us get a later train on the same ticket - bonus.
  • power failure in Peterborough! The whole school was in the dark, but the show went on - in the atrium at the entrance of the school. Everyone was great about sitting on the floor  and listening despite distractions.
  • wandering about the Cambridge botanic gardens in the sunshine with fellow writer (and teacher at St Mary's), Louisa Reid
  • the Magical Moving Table of St Mary's. Is the school haunted?
  • and yummy yummy, below! Chocolates from Morpeth School in London! The box is looking a little less full now...

Something I loved:

This year, and also in many talks last year, I often read a section from Fractured that leads into a discussion of freedom fighters versus terrorists.


The question I ask is this: if a group is fighting for freedom against an oppressive governement that is doing terrible things to its citizens, are any means justified? If they are using bombs to achieve their aims, are they terrorists, or are they freedom fighters? It's kind of a rhetorical question - something to think about, rather than something I'm expecting an answer to.


At one of the schools, for the first time, as soon as I said the words, a number of students spontaneously called out an answer at  the same time: terrorists. And the same thing happened again that afternoon. That's never happened before when I'm giving this talk. And the two schools where this happened were the two London schools - Morpeth and Sir John Cass. They were listening, they were engaged, and they had an opinion. I had to restrain the impulse to run into the audience for spontaneous high fives...



The schools I visited were an interesting mix. At some of them many of the students were really into Slated and excited I was coming; at some of them, they weren't really sure. But this is part of the fun of tours. As great as it is to meet fans, it can be really touching to reach students who aren't so sure about reading.

Thanks so much to my publisher Orchard Books, Victoria, Rosie, Corinne, Lizz, Caitlin, Authors Aloud, and all the librarians, teachers and booksellers involved in making the week happen.
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    caitlin king (Sunday, 09 March 2014 18:58)

    You can to my school Henbury and I loved listening to you and how you became a writer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • #2

    teriterry (Sunday, 09 March 2014 19:02)

    thank you Caitlin!

  • #3

    vicki green (Tuesday, 11 March 2014 17:02)

    Hi, I work in dogsthorpe library which is round the corner from TDA and ive been inundated for requests for your book! Im currently on the second one and i am LOVING them. Thank you so much for getting the teens round here to read :) Good Luck

  • #4

    teriterry (Thursday, 13 March 2014 10:05)

    Hi Vicki, THANK YOU! you've made me smile. Libraries are very important to me (I used to work for Bucks libraries).

  • #5

    Abigail (Sunday, 16 March 2014 00:21)

    Hi, I'm from Edinburgh and i love you're books so much i left slated on the bookshelf a bit and one day picked it up, i loved it. I was going to look you up for ages and one day i did, i found this website and found out you were in Edinburgh/Livingstone... And you had left the day i finally decided to look you up, i couldn't believe it! Oh well, anyway i check this website every week and was so exited about the movie prospect! It would fantastic! (Personally i think the cast should be british) ;) anyway i gobbled fractured up in under a day, and i am halfway through shattered, though i am enjoying it so much i have just been re-readingsentences, shocked by what is happening! I think you are a great writer and my favourite character is Nico, you describe him so well that even when i look at some a actors and think "he could be Nico" but then i remember how you describe him and think "no, he's not quite got it" ;) sorry this has gone on so long, oops, anyway i love writing and reading, and i really enjoy you're books, i hope you get more recognition for these books, good luck :)

  • #6

    Vicki Green (Tuesday, 18 March 2014)

    Hi, Ive finished them ( I coudnt stop reading) and they are featured on a TAKE ME NOW display I have done in the library. Thank you so much, been a pleasure to read.