Fractured Futures at the Thame Arts & Literature Festival!

Today I appeared at the Thame Arts and Literature Festival, along with CJ Daugherty, author of the Night School series.


Can you spot where we got the title of the talk...?

We each spoke about our books, where the stories came from, writing process, and what we're writing next, and then answered some questions from a select and enthusiastic audience.


The Man came along, and took some photos:


The Thame festival would like to develop more YA events in future, so I hope to be back there again! Especially because I used to work at Lord Williams' School in Thame, both as a teaching assistant and a science technician. If the name of the school sounds familiar to you, there may be a reason: it is the very real school that Kyla attends in Slated.


Thanks to The Book House in Thame for coming along and selling books: they have some signed copies of both mine and CJ's. And thanks also to CJ's technicial assistant (aka hubby) for sorting images of our covers onto a screen.


And the day ended well: with pizza. I hope CJ and I find ourselves on an event together again: she's my kind of crazy.



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  • #1

    maxie (Thursday, 31 October 2013)

    cool pic. teri wens the blurb coming. teri blurb I have to know pls not long, pretty pls with a cherry on top, pls, pls,pls thx in advance, u r one of the best authors, that y ive got to see the blurb

  • #2

    teriterry (Monday, 11 November 2013 09:18)

    Sorry Maxie - I've been a little slow on this one. I'll do a blog with the blurb soon: I promise!

  • #3

    maxie (Sunday, 17 November 2013 15:55)

    thx so much cant wait :)

  • #4

    Sophie Curran (Wednesday, 05 March 2014 10:17)

    Hi baby teri terry huge fan! you are so pritty aint it. I fancy you

  • #5

    Andrea Johnson (Wednesday, 05 March 2014 10:21)

    your books are bloody brilliant! Absolutely superb i tell you! I wish i could be. Cant wait for you coming to my beautiful gorgeous school! You will probably notice me considering i am posh

  • #6

    Alba Birchall (Wednesday, 05 March 2014 10:27)

    i love your work. Your stories relate to me soooooooooo much. i also talk to my dog who is called Chloe. Unfortunately she died but she now lives in my room with me. Sometimes she smells but i would miss her too much

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