Virtual Event Booking & Fees

A detailed discussion of how my virtual events developed can be found here.

Testimonials from schools that have taken part can be found here.


Virtual Author Talk

My talks are set up on your own password protected page. They include a series of short videos, including a personalised welcome to the school or group, an introduction of what we are doing, how book covers are designed and judging a book by its cover, book trailer and discussion of latest book with a short reading, imagining where the story will go next, what do authors do all day anyway, advice for writers, and becoming an author and getting published.

Subject to T&C below.

£50 for a single event (plus VAT)

£150 to run it as many times as you like for a week (plus VAT)


Writing Workshop: Finding Your Story

Whether your students are keen or reluctant writers, this workshop is designed to enthuse and guide them in finding their story - the one only they can tell. Run in the same format as the talk described above, a series of videos will set them short tasks. The workshop will end with a beginning: the start of a story that can be worked on further.

Subject to T&C below.

£50 for a single event (plus VAT)

£150 to run it as many times as you like for a week (plus VAT)


Discounts with book purchases!

Buy 10 or more books for 10% or more discount: UK only

Virtual events sadly aren't great for getting books into the hands of students. To remedy this, I've decided to introduce discounts on the costs of events based on book purchases of ten or more of my books (any mix of titles). You get the percent discount on the events for the number of books: thus, 10 books is a 10% discount, 25 books is a 25% discount, 32 books is 32%, and so on.


You can order signed copies from me directly (at cover price, £7.99, I'll cover shipping to the school) or get them from your usual supplier if you prefer and just show me the receipt. Books can of course be used for library copies, prizes or sold to students.



Comment box Q&A in the virtual author talk

Comment boxes can be included in your personalised page for a single event, so students - or a teacher or librarian on their behalf - can ask me questions - and have I'll answer them live during their event in comments boxes for up to half an hour. This doesn't involve video and doesn't require personal login information from participants. 

I will answer as many questions as I can in the 30 minute time allowed. Luckily I'm a very fast touch typist! My current record is forty-two.

Subject to the T&C below.

£50  (plus VAT) per event


Personalised video answering your questions

Send me your questions - either in advance, or after your event - and I'll do a personalised video answering as many of them as I can, and send you a link to watch the answers. Video will be up to half an hour long. This can also be booked on it's own, without an event.

Subject to the T&C below.

£75  (plus VAT)


Live Webinar Q&A

If you have a webinar platform such as zoom you are happy to use and would like to set up and invite me to do a live talk and/or Q&A, I'm happy to do so. Up to an hour long. Subject to T&C below.

£150  (plus VAT)

Terms & Conditions:

All prices are subject to 20% VAT. Tax invoices will be issued showing the VAT and my VAT number.


If you want to book from outside of the UK, I haven't quite got my head around what Brexit may mean for events for European schools. Do ask me if you are interested and I'll look into it.


Both talks and workshops are designed to take place within one lesson and take roughly an hour, though of course this may vary with the group.


Events can be run with participants taking part on their own computer, laptop or phone; alternatively, a teacher or librarian can project the event in the classroom or library (internet is needed) or share their screen with participants on a platform such as zoom.


Inclusion of a personalised welcome to your school requires two weeks notice, though if you ask I may be able to do it faster than that. Likewise with a personalised video answering your questions.


There is no limit as to numbers taking part in my talk or workshop; both large year groups and small book groups have taken part successfully. However, if booking comment boxes or Q&A there is only the allotted time for me to answer questions. 


Booked events can be cancelled without penalty with four weeks notice. With two weeks notice they are subject to a £25 admin fee. Less than two weeks notice is subject to the smaller of 50% penalty of the order amount or £100, unless rescheduled by mutual agreement.


Booked events are for the sole use of the party making the booking. Sharing passwords beyond the intended recipients or downloading or copying any part of the virtual events is a breach of copyright.


To book or ask questions:

Contact me here using the form below. Or on Twitter or wherever else you find me.

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