Virtual events:

Your virtual event was the highlight of lockdown!

Jo Bolton

LRC Manager

Amersham School

July 2020


Thank you for a lovely event. I could see that our students were very engaged from their questions. I thought the format was really effective and I liked your questions to us about predictions. I think the format of comments actually encouraged students to ask questions who may otherwise have been reticent. There were no distractions either.

          Catherine Cohen


          Charter Academy

          July 2020


Our students throughly enjoyed the virtual event with Teri. The format worked really well - the videos were just the right length, and the girls took full advantage of the opportunity to respond to questions about what they had seen in between. They particularly enjoyed the Q&A session at the end!

          Graine Milner


          Copthall School

          July 2020


It was a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with an author even if not in the flesh. Students have become increasingly expert at using video and virtual learning tools recently. Addressing the school directly and providing the video insights to the book and the writing process was perfect and I think there was a certain element of excited apprehension waiting for you to appear and respond to the comments and questions that the students had posted. In some ways I think they may have felt more of a connection and more confident to engage than perhaps they might do with 'celebrities' in the flesh. This kind of 'social media' interaction is a way in which many youngsters communicate generally although the benefit of this event was that it was a safe and supportive environment. Of course we would still like to see you in real life too! Thank you for the opportunity of the virtual author event. Both myself and the students have been given a real insight into the world of writing and getting published. The new book looks really intriguing, I can't wait for our copy to arrive.

          Michelle Armstrong-Harris

          LRC Manager/Exams Officer

          Rodborough School

          July 2020


Teri, I just wanted to email to say thank you for the very enjoyable virtual event this morning and for answering our students questions, it was great they were so engaged. What a positive experience, the process ran so efficiently and I think the information you gave will have inspired our students.  Many thanks again.

           Andrea Gilbey

           LRC Manager

           The Chalfonts Community College

           July 2020


The format was interesting and exciting, following the different videos, and being asked our opinions as we went through.Teri was able to bring the book to life and do all that a traditional author visit would do, just in a different way. The film trailer was dramatic, students were very positive about wanting to read the new book and Teri's other books. Teri spent time replying to students and she made it a personal experience for them.

          Louise Aldridge

          Learning Resources Centre Manager

          Queen Elizabeth's Girls School Barnet

          July 2020


In person events:

We were delighted to welcome Teri Terry to St Edmund’s School as guest speaker at the Salisbury Schools’ Book Award.  She was able to engage with the students at their level and was thoroughly entertaining. She also worked well with the students in a creative writing thriller workshop, showing them how to structure a story and inspiring them to come up with their own stories and characters.

          L. Derry


          St Edmund’s School

          March 2015.


Teri began by talking to us about Mind Games and shared some details behind the story. She then went on to tell us about how she got some of her ideas for her stories and the themes within. Teri enthralled us by reading a snippet of her book which although didn’t give anything away about the plot, was gripping and exciting, encouraging us to want to read more.

          A year 8 pupil

          James Allen’s Girls’ School

          March 2015


A great talk! Teri was very accommodating with answering the myriad of questions the Year 8 girls had for her and we look forward to welcoming her back with her new book.

          C. Taylor-Smith


          St Mary’s Calne

          Oct 2015


Teri Terry visited our school last month (June 2015) and provided us with an excellent talk as part of our ‘Becoming a Writer’ series. I was impressed with the way Teri related to the students and provoked a lively question and answer session around her books and her career as an author. I hope to work with Teri again in the future, as her books are very popular at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school.

          L. Cheetham


          Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School

          June 2015


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