Reviews: Slated

'Slated is a beautiful, intriguing puzzle revealed piece by dark and sinister piece.'

Sara Grant

author of Dark Parties



'Gripping, chilling and all too real. An unputdownable thriller.'

L.A. Weatherly

author of Angel



'An original and haunting psychological thriller set in a future where criminalisation of the young has been taken to the most chilling extremes. Kyla's nightmarish disorientation after being 'slated' is utterly compelling. I was gripped from the first page and can't wait to read more.'

Julie Bertagna

author of Exodus

A great presentation of a dystopian world… the entire tone of mystery is very compelling throughout the story.’

Poppy, 17


'It was one of the best books I have ever read. Slated is really original and I want to find out what happens next. There are loads of unexpected twists which I did not predict. I really like the character of Kyla because everyone else who was slated just did nothing, whereas she kept finding out more and more and unravelling the mystery. I can't wait for the next book!'

Cara, 13



Slated is different to the books I normally read but I really enjoyed it.  Now I can’t wait to read the next part.’ 

George, 14


'I just wanted to thank you for this amazing book. I'm 15 and very dyselexic I've never been able to read a book by myself before until slated even though it's taken me along time to read. Usually I start a book then have to get my mum to read it too me or buy it  on cd. But with Slated I just didnt want to stop reading, i didnt have time to explain it to my mum so she could read it to me or wait to see if i came on cd i was too hooked and eager to find out what was going to happen next, i literally couldn't put it down. I've really enjoyed it thank you!!'

Lileth, 15


'I really, really enjoyed it! I thought it was so fascinating and interesting i could barely put it down! I loved how the story changed and shifted as you read on, and i think it is a brilliant read for any teenager out there. Its got everything today's teenagers would look for in a book, suspense, mystery, romance, fights, and twists and turns in the story. I would highly recommend this book to pretty much everyone, even my mum is waiting in line to read it! I thought the book was fantastic and i am eagerly waiting for the second installment in the trilogy.'

Flora, 13


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