All events will be virtual only until further notice.

I am in the process of developing interactive virtual talks and writing workshops that will run on my website.


They will be held on a password protected website page; a class or group can book a particular day and time to have access to their own page. Alternatively, a school can book a week and use it as many times as they like with different groups or classes during the week.  The page will contain a series of short videos, interspersed with time for class discussion or individual work. This can end with students submitting questions in the comments that I can answer, either in the comments or in a video that will be posted subsequently (an additional fee will apply).


This is not a webinar format, so students are not videoed and do not need to provide any personal information to take part. My research into webinar options always yielded either GDPR or security issues. However, if your school or group already uses a webinar format that they are happy to use for virtual events, then I'd be happy to take part in an event they set up.


Further information about virtual talks and workshops, as well as fees and booking, will be available from September 2020.


You can register your interest using the booking form below.


Thank you!


School events:

I very much enjoy visiting schools and libraries, and speaking to students from year 7, 8, 9 and on up. Talks can be tailored to requirements, but usually include discussion of my books and the themes within, how ideas turn into stories, how I became a writer, and advice for writers. I love a good Q&A and talking to students afterwards while I sign books.


Talks can be for any size audience, though if it is over 100 or so a microphone is handy; workshops are best limited to a single class.


I've worked as a teaching assistant and science technician in secondary schools, and have also spent two years with Buckinghamshire Libraries - I am at ease with and enjoy talking to teenagers.


Please note that it is my policy to not use air travel, so time for train travel has to be considered.


For any enquiries about events, please use the contact form below.



Contact form:

This contact form is for enquiries about events, which I endeavour to answer promptly.


On other matters, I promise you, I read all messages I receive, and I'm always delighted to hear from readers! I don't always answer them, particularly if they are long and contain lots of questions. I'm sorry, but I need time to write books, to sleep, that sort of thing.


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