I very much enjoy visiting schools and libraries, and speaking to students from year 7, 8, 9 and on up. Talks can be tailored to requirements, but usually include discussion of my books and the themes within, how ideas turn into stories, how I became a writer, and advice for writers. I love a good Q&A and talking to students afterwards while I sign books.


Talks can be for any size audience, though if it is over 100 or so a microphone is handy; workshops are best limited to a single class.


I've worked as a teaching assistant and science technician in secondary schools, and have also spent two years with Buckinghamshire Libraries - I am at ease with and enjoy talking to teenagers.


Please note that it is my policy to not use air travel, so time for train travel has to be considered.


For any enquiries about events, please use the contact form below.



A great talk! Teri was very accommodating with answering the myriad of questions the Year 8 girls had for her and we look forward to welcoming her back with her new book.

C. Taylor-Smith, librarian, St Mary’s Calne, 19th Oct 2015.


Teri Terry visited our school last month (June 2015) and provided us with an excellent talk as part of our ‘Becoming a Writer’ series. I was impressed with the way Teri related to the students and provoked a lively question and answer session around her books and her career as an author. I hope to work with Teri again in the future, as her books are very popular at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school.

L. Cheetham, librarian, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, 23 June 2015.


We were delighted to welcome Teri Terry to St Edmund’s School as guest speaker at the Salisbury Schools’ Book Award.  She was able to engage with the students at their level and was thoroughly entertaining. She also worked well with the students in a creative writing thriller workshop, showing them how to structure a story and inspiring them to come up with their own stories and characters.

L. Derry, librarian, St Edmund’s School, 17th March 2015.


Teri began by talking to us about Mind Games and shared some details behind the story. She then went on to tell us about how she got some of her ideas for her stories and the themes within. Teri enthralled us by reading a snippet of her book which although didn’t give anything away about the plot, was gripping and exciting, encouraging us to want to read more.

A year 8 pupil, James Allen’s Girls’ School, 10th March 2015



Contact form:

This contact form is for enquiries about events, which I endeavour to answer promptly.


On other matters, I promise you, I read all messages I receive, and I'm always delighted to hear from readers! I don't always answer them, particularly if they are long and contain lots of questions. I'm sorry, but I need time to write books, to sleep, that sort of thing.


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