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Something new: I'm on Ko-fi - it's like a virtual tip jar. So if you find something I've done or said spoke to you or is of value to you in some way, and would like to buy me a cup of tea on Ko-fi to say thanks, that would be AMAZING!


And beginning in September, you can also subscribe to me on Ko-fi!

It costs about what a hot drink and possibly a small piece of cake might be - £5 a month. If you subscribe you'll have exclusive access to content that can't be found anywhere else.

Things like: cut scenes from published books. Unpublished work. Access to exclusive Q&A slots once a week. Photos that won't appear elsewhere - such as, from my notes when I was writing things like Slated and my other books. Research notes, too! Plotting and planning charts. Maybe even a map from when I was writing Contagion ... if I can find it.  I'll take requests, too. I'm also going to test out some new ideas and writing with you! Over all, there will be a glimpse into how I write and what the process is like, good days and bad.


To start things off, I promise to post daily in September! And at least weekly after that - though if you subscribe later on you will have all the stuff that has been posted from 1st September to check out, too.


So please join in? Use the button above or this link.


It'd be great to see you there.


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